Johda kuin viikinki

En tiedä kahden seuraavan koodiston alkuperää mutta ohjeet vaikuttavat hyviltä myös tänään.  Pohtimisen aihetta jokaiselle johtajalle.

Viking Law
  1. See the possibilities the world around you offers
  2. Create winners out of others! Starting with yourself
  3. Be brave! Tackle the worst problems first
  4. Praise people, and God! Develop and unleash your potential
  5. Think positive! And you can do anything
  6. Take responsibility. Your world DOES rest on your shoulders
  7. Look ahead. Never back, you can only move forward
  8. Aim at education and research. Your brain is the only thing you came into this world with
  9. Fight envy and laziness. Promote love and industriousness

Viking Law

Be brave and agressive

  • Be direct
  • Grab all opportunities
  • Use varying methods of attack
  • Be versatile and agile
  • Attack one target at a time
  • Don’t plan everything in detail
  • Use top quality weapons

Be prepared

  • Keep weapons in good condition
  • Keep in shape
  • Find good battle comrades
  • Agree on important points
  • Choose ONE chief

Be a good merchant

  • Find out what the market needs
  • Don’t promise what you can’t keep
  • Don’t demand overpayment
  • Arrange things so that you can return

Keep the camp in order

  • Keep things tidy and organized
  • Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group
  • Make sure everybody does useful work
  • Consult all members of the group for advice
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